3 Major Benefits Of Obedience Training For Dogs


If you have a dog and their behavior isn't the best, it may be worth taking them in for professional obedience training. These sessions are carried out by dog specialists, and they can benefit you and your dog in the following ways.

Gain More Control

When your dog starts acting up, particularly in public, you need a way to reel them back in before their behavior becomes too much. That's where obedience training can help. Your dog will be put through exercises that make them more responsive to commands.

You can then have better control over their behavior, whether they start running off or acting out aggressively. Your dog will be taught basic commands that let you re-direct your dog. This ultimately will give you more confidence when out with your dog in public when they need to be on their best behavior. 

Keep Them Safe

There are a lot of situations that could be dangerous for dogs. For example, they could run up on a bigger, more aggressive dog that likes to bite. In these situations, you need a way to get your dog back. Obedience training can help with this thanks to the proven techniques that the trainers will use on your dog. 

They'll be more responsive to sitting and staying, as opposed to just running off when they see people or another dog. You can then keep your dog safe in situations that may make them nervous and scared. 

Understand More About Your Dog 

Just because you buy a dog and have them for a couple of years doesn't mean you truly know their personality and behavior. You can quickly change this by utilizing dog obedience training, though. The trainer you and your dog work with can provide insights. For example, your dog may be afraid of certain stimuli in the environment. Knowing this is important so you can avoid these stimuli on walks and runs, helping you keep your dog safe and happy. You'll also learn from the trainer what your dog likes the most and what types of activities they respond best to. 

Having a dog is great because they truly can be your best friend. Sometimes to gain an unbreakable bond, though, you need to take advantage of obedience training. It will help you learn more about your particular dog and gain more control, which are both needed to have a rewarding relationship over the years.

To learn more, contact a dog trainer.


11 May 2020

dog training to develop trust

How trusting are you of your dog when children and strangers are around? Does your dog know how to behave around children and strangers? For years, I kept my dogs locked in my bedroom when we had any guests in the house. I never saw my dog get aggressive towards anyone, but I didn't want to chance him not liking someone and attacking him or her. I decided that it was time for him to go for some formal training so that I could have faith in his ability to control himself in different settings. This blog will show you how a dog can change and how your trust can improve after some training.