2 Kinds Of Medical Service Dogs


When people think of service animals, they only tend to think of guide dogs for the blind. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other kinds of service animals out there and they can do all sorts of things.  Cancer-Sniffing Dogs One thing that medical service dogs can do is to help sniff out cancer. Generally, the dogs are trained to only sniff out one or two kinds of cancer.

29 May 2019

Three Tips For Purchasing The Perfect Guard Dog For Your Family


If you want to add an additional layer of protection to your home, consider purchasing and training a guard dog. Before you purchase a protection dog for your family, it is essential to make sure that the dog will fit well with your family's dynamic. Check out a few tips to help you purchase the best guard dog for your family from a company like Command Control Protection Dogs. 1. Select a Breed That Suits Your Family

28 April 2018

3 Important Questions That People Have About Sound Dog Deterrents


While many dogs are kind and friendly, there are some that are not. If you come in contact with one that is not very friendly, it is very important that you can protect yourself. While there are a few different ways that you can go about protecting yourself, one such way is to carry a dog deterrent from a place like Sound Defense. This article will discuss 3 important questions that people have about dog deterrents.

29 August 2017

3 Tips For Hiring A Dog Trainer For Your Puppy


If you have a new puppy that you love, but they don't behave super well, then you may want to consider putting them in dog training. This can make a huge difference in the behavior of your puppy and most dog owners consider it to be well worth the money. This article will discuss 3 tips for hiring a dog trainer to train your puppy. Find One That Offers Private Training 

18 August 2017

Emotional Support Dogs: Keeping Your Helper at Your Side


People with severe depression or anxiety often rely on the love, compassion, and assistance of their dog. Support dogs play an important role in the life of the people they protect and comfort. These are often very obedient, intelligent, and talented creatures that are more like a family member than a pet. Unfortunately, they are still considered to only be pets by the law and are not given the same protections and rights as a service dog.

31 October 2016

3 Things That You Can Do To Make Your Dog's Grooming Experience A Good One


While it is very important that your dog is groomed regularly, it is also important that this isn't a traumatic and stressful experience for them each time. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate the stress your dog has in terms of grooming, there are definitely some things that you can do to at least reduce the amount of stress that it causes them. This article will discuss three things that you can do to make your dog's grooming experience a good one.

12 October 2016

Is Your Allergic Child Desperate For A Dog? What Are Your Options?


If your child is allergic to dog dander but regularly begs you for a puppy of his or her own, you may wonder whether you have any options short of enclosing your child in a bubble or continuing to deny these heartbreaking requests. Fortunately, there are now a number of hypoallergenic breeds that should allow all but those with the most severe pet allergies to become dog owners. Read on to learn more about the breeds that may be best-suited for your family, as well as the factors you'll want to consider when making this important decision.

27 July 2016