The Importance of Dog Obedience Training


Dog obedience training is not just an option; it is a necessity. If you own a dog or puppy, you have to train it to obey. There are many valid reasons for doing so, and it is equally important that you understand why a dog must obey. 

Dogs Need Pack Leaders

When you train a dog to obey you, you are establishing a clear cut boundary that tells the dog that you are its "pack leader." Dogs need a pack leader, or they will automatically assert authority over everyone and everything around them. When you allow your dog to assert authority, the dog will become aggressive because it sees you and other people as "threats" to its dominance. You have to be the "pack leader," or the dog will do as it pleases, and become quite destructive and potentially dangerous. 

You Cannot Stop Bad Behaviors if the Dog Is Not Trained

An obedient dog is a dog that will not do things it should not do. Training your dog is a preemptive move for controlling the negative behaviors your dog might exhibit otherwise. When and if your dog does something it should not, your dog will know the minute you speak to him/her that this behavior was wrong, and the dog will obey your command to go lay down or go sit somewhere else. He/she will learn the lesson you try to teach, and it will remember the lesson better when he/she is a well-trained dog. If you catch your dog in the act of doing something he/she should not, he/she will immediately stop on your command and go where you tell him/her to go. 

You Can Prevent Dog Bite Incidents

Dogs are descendants of wild canines. There is still some aspect of wild dog in them, in terms of instinct and responding to instinct. Training your dog to obey gets your dog to ignore that instinctual need to respond to a circumstance he/she does not like. As such, you will have far fewer worries about your dog attacking other dogs, attacking children, and attacking other adults when you are in the community or at a dog park. Making your dog heed your command to stop is part of this, as it will stop an attack before it begins or before it gets really bad. A dog that obeys is a safe pet. 

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13 November 2019

dog training to develop trust

How trusting are you of your dog when children and strangers are around? Does your dog know how to behave around children and strangers? For years, I kept my dogs locked in my bedroom when we had any guests in the house. I never saw my dog get aggressive towards anyone, but I didn't want to chance him not liking someone and attacking him or her. I decided that it was time for him to go for some formal training so that I could have faith in his ability to control himself in different settings. This blog will show you how a dog can change and how your trust can improve after some training.