4 Tips To Make The Dog Grooming Process Cleaner


Washing your dog can be a huge chore and many pet owners find themselves dealing with a big mess afterwards, especially if they have a long-haired dog. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to make the process a bit cleaner so that you won't have much to do when all is said and done. Here are four tips to help make the dog grooming process easier for you:

  1. Have a Vacuum: If you don't have one already, you must be sure that you buy one. You should have a nice vacuum cleaner that allows you to easily clean up dog hair. Once your dog runs out of the bath and you brush and dry their fur, you will have a great deal of fur to clean up, especially if your dog sheds a lot. You should also have a vacuum to ensure that fleas and ticks are not hiding in your carpets, as well. 
  2. Use a Smock: Using a smock when you give your dog a bath can be so helpful. Just be sure that you buy one that is water resistant and is long enough to cover up most of your body. This is going to keep you dry and prevent you from getting dog hair stuck to your own body. You can purchase a smock from many different online places or even from a pet store. 
  3. Have Lots of Old Towels: Instead of throwing old towels, save them for your dog's regularly scheduled bath time. You will want to have as many towels as possible. It's best to use at least two for every bath to keep everything as dry as possible. The first towel can be used to dry as much of your dog as you can before they hop out of the tub, then you will want another towel to lay on the floor of the bathroom for them to jump onto. This will prevent water from splashing everywhere in the bathroom.
  4. Use a Bathmat: Finally, to ensure that your dog is not slipping and sliding around in the tub, you should be sure to purchase a bathmat for them. This will help your dog stand in the water easily while allowing you to more easily really wash their fur. 

By utilizing these four tips, bath time for your pup can be made much easier on yourself and won't be as much of a chore in the end.


2 October 2015

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